I Wanted to Keep Working and Needed a Solution Fast

After several decades of sitting in an office chair for 40 hours every week, I found it hard to sit down any longer. It really hurt to sit. I asked my boss to help me convert my desk to a standing desk, but that posed problems for my feet due to age. This was when I knew that I needed some great service from a chiropractor in Vacaville because I knew that my boss was not going to be okay with me laying down on the floor to help our clients on a daily basis. The entire situation had me very worried, and I needed to rectify it quickly.

I know that some people are able to go on disability if they have trouble doing their work due to physical problems. But I was pretty sure that the government would not view me as disabled. I was not ready to go that route either. I have always been someone who is a workaholic. I do not want to just sit at home. I like to be out of my house and around people. I am very sociable. Not only that, but I have always enjoyed my job. I have another 5 years before I even reach retirement age within our company, and I know that I don’t want to retire when I reach that point.

I stopped by a chiropractor’s office on my way home one night to find out when their next available appointment was. They told me they could see me that same night because they are open until 6pm. I found this to be wonderful. I know that the average doctor does not even do this for patients. I explained my situation, and he gave me a lot of tips. Then, he gave me a back alignment. It was fascinating to see how much that helped.

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