My Sister’s Deadbeat Ex Saddled Her with Debt That Pushed Her into Bankruptcy

My sister was only married for a short time and was getting divorced. We kind of saw it coming even before she got married. We even tried to get her to not get married, but you know how that conversation goes. I was never one to be the “told you so” type. I just fix things. The divorce cost money, and she lost her job due to the time of trouble before she filed for the divorce. I referred her to a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney to help her get back on her feet financially. There was a house that needed to be sold and some other assets. Her ex had flown the coop when the idea of being married turned into real work.

We are glad that no kids were involved. If there had been a pregnancy or children, it would have complicated things even more. The one bright side of this is that her ex had already moved on to his next conquest. He had left the state and was living with a widow woman he knew who got an inheritance from her father and husband. Yes, there really are people like that in the world. My sister was saddled with answering for all of the debt since he was long gone. She did everything legally and by the book to repair her finances and regain her good credit.

She told me that she learned a very costly lesson, and told me how hindsight certainly is 20/20. We have all made bad decisions, with many of them being out of a feeling of love. However, when that true love is not reciprocated, there usually is a big cost to one of the parties involved. At least she was now out from under the mortgage on the house and a car payment for her ex husband’s sports car that he left the state with and stopped paying for. The car was in her name because he had bad credit.

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