Jeannie is on an Organic Kick

In fact I really like the idea behind organic foods, especially since I want to eat healthy stuff just like most people. The coaches are always on us to eat good, but of course during the season they have us eat at the training table. They are not going to pay the extra money that it costs to get organic foods however. That is a lot of money and there is no real reason to think you are better off. However she is taking it further than just food, she buys stuff from a place called instead of getting normal cosmetics. I do not really know very much about this sort of thing, it is one of the many great things about being a man. You do not have much problems getting ready to go some place compared to a woman. In fact I really think that she should just have her own bathroom just for all of the stuff that she puts on her face. It takes her about an hour to get ready to go out I think, while I can be ready to roll in a few minutes even if I shower first,

At any rate she has been buying handmade soap and I sort of think that has a good deal of merit. It you look at the ingredients on a bar of soap, there are all sorts of things which have no real purpose. The soap is all that you need, but there is all sorts of other things in it that do not seem to be much of value for the person who wants to get clean. It just does not really do you any good. Then she has organic sunscreen, it is called something like Green Beaver I think and that makes me laugh.

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